The Standard Weekend Night

After working for two weeks straight I have had a chance to spend two enjoyable days hiding from the world while sitting on my backside reading,watching TV and of course – playing World of Warcraft.

Now I return to work for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday nightshifts.

Deep. Joy.


The standard breakdown for a weekend nightshift is as follows.

19:00 – Clock on at the station.

19:01 – First call, normally to someone elderly, probably chest pain

20:00 – Man with ‘man-flu’

21:00 – First assault of the night, outside a pub.

22:00 – ‘Unconscious’ male in street – normally a homeless guy.

23:00 – Another assault.  Fueled by alcohol.

00:00 – ‘Unconscious’ – drunk in street.

01:00 – Child with a high temperature – everyone in the house is awake.

02:00 – Young man with bellyache / young woman with dizziness. (We are now the only ambulance running from West Ham)

03:00 – Nightclubs kick out.  An assault who doesn’t want to go to hospital.

03:30 – Drunk in the street or a drunk who has injured themselves.

04:30 – Get back to station.

04:31 – Maternataxi.

06:00 – Another Maternataxi.

06:30 – Return to station – start watching the clock for sign-off at 07:00.

06:57 – Get a job for a little old lady, miles out of my area with cardiac chest pain.

06:57:01 – Start swearing.

07:25 – After a ‘scoop and run’ return to station to sign off – all ready to repeat the night in just 11 hours and 35 minutes.

Tell you what – I’ll do one of my ‘updated throughout the night’ things.  I can’t guarantee that this is how things will unroll (and this in part is the pleasure of this job), so we can see how far away from my prediction things fall…

4 thoughts on “The Standard Weekend Night”

  1. “all ready to repeat the night in just 11 hours and 35 minutes”12 hours shifts may give crap turn arounds, but would you want to go back to 8 hours?

  2. At least you know roughly what to expect, I suppose.Unless you're suggesting that you'd like one of us to go on an axe-murdering rampage to make your night more interesting?

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