Why You Should Pull Over And Let Us Pass (Or Hahahahahaha…)

A quick thank you to one of the police cars of Newham.
There we were last night – driving on blue lights and sirens to a job which would ultimately prove to be as dull as ditchwater.

I'm racing down Barking road, I always race to high priority jobs, it's what I'm paid to do.

Ahead of us, at the junction with Ron Leighton way there is a police car. They see and hear us coming, so they pull over to let us pass. Just then another car decides to overtake the police car in the middle of the junction, pulling out in front of us we have to slam on the brakes to avoid driving into them.

I may have honked our horn at them.

So it was with much merriment that I saw in our rear view mirror the police car pulling the car over in preparation for a jolly good talking to.

We were laughing about it for the rest of our shift.

So if anyone from Newham police read this (and I know that some do), a big thanks from this particular LAS crew.

I also wonder if the driver of the car is that rarity in Newham – someone with a valid license, road tax and insurance.

10 thoughts on “Why You Should Pull Over And Let Us Pass (Or Hahahahahaha…)”

  1. I can see how that would make your day!All too often you see people being morons/incompetent/aggressive/arrogant and generally getting in your way on a priority 1 job and rarely is justice dispensed!


  2. You have such a way of recounting events. Especially the (semi) cynical punch line. Can't wait for the book. Can I have a few dozen advance copies so I can put them on Ebay and make a lot of dosh? (Joke)

  3. while I agree utterly that someone obstructing an ambulance, that is en route to a call with blue lights and sirens, needs to be stopped by the police and have the error of their ways explained and any bit of book that can be thrown at them, thrown…you've got to worry about a system where a twat in a car with this situation gets the weight of the Law, but the twat who is junked up and punches you and breaks your glasses gets off utterly scot free.

  4. A similar thing happened when I was observing and on the way to a diabetic hypo. Blonde lady in a huge 4×4 (make your own jokes/comments) decided to come through a road wide enough for one even though we were charging down the street on lights and sirens. Don't think she noticed the police car 2 cars behind her, who immediately put his own lights on and pulled her further down the street.Much laughter after the swearing.

  5. An accolade to the ambulance crew and staff of West Mid. Not sure where to put this really, but felt it should go on your blog Tom.I have an 'alkie' neighbour. He's tried desperately to kick the drink. His body is breaking down. He's been really supportive to me. I do not do there, there. An ambulance had to be called today.

    At one point in my recent life, I was ashamed to call myself a nurse, even an ex-nurse, now I have somewhat reviewed that feeling.

    All West Mid, Liam – Paramedic, the ambulance crew and staff at A & E have been brilliant.

    Thank you guys and thanks to you Tom for having this site, and having the tenacity to hang on in there.


  6. I used to wonder about the witless drivers who don't pull to the shoulder of the freeway during police chases aired live on TV in Los Angeles. As often as not, they turn out to be kids who drive with music turned up so loud that they cannot hear horns or sirens or even the news helicopters directly over their vehicles.

  7. i must confess that my former crewmate used to listen to rock music so loud in the cab that I couldn't hear OUR sirens, let alone anyone else

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