Unwelcome Change To Comments

Blogware have changed the commenting system for their Blog system, (You know…the one I use because I love it so).  Now you have to open the post entry to leave a comment.  I don't think that anyone has had a nice thing to say about it.  Although I don't get comments left on this page, (nobody loves me…sniff) it would be nice, that should the urge take you, that it be fairly easy to leave your comment.

Here is hoping that they change it back.

3 thoughts on “Unwelcome Change To Comments”

  1. We kind of boffed this one. The change to the default templates is going in this A.M. and will see us displaying “Leave a Comment” in the event that there are no comments on an article. This will be replaced with an incrementing “Comments: n” when the comment count for an article exceeds zero.In our defense, I'd like to note that this only effected the appearance of the default templates and not the actual comment system itself 🙂 – it was always possible to implement any behavior you wanted to if you edited the default templates…

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