I’m in Prison

Well, not really – it’s a metaphor.

I’ve managed to complete the fresh install of everything on my laptop, the only problem was a couple of hours wondering why I couldn’t migrate my email settings into Outlook 2003.  I finally tracked the problem down to having installed Outlook 2002.


However, as promised my mum and brother have disappeared off on holiday and I find myself both house and video sitting.

“Video sitting?”, I hear you ask, “What’s that?”.

My mum’s house has six televisions and video recorders – all needed to record the vast amount of TV that they watch.  Some programmes get taped to keep forever, my mum is football mad and she loves detective series.  My brother (and to be fair, myself as well) both like Sci-Fi.  Add in the daily dose of ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Doctors’ and I’m finding myself running around swapping video tapes and cable channels like some demented Pokemon collector – “Gotta tape them all”.

So I am alone in the house with only the stray cat that adopted my mum for company.  This is why I feel like I’m in prison.

Still it gives me plenty of time to write stuff – just stuff that you may not see for some time.

9 thoughts on “I’m in Prison”

  1. Sounds like she wants something like mythtv (www.mythtv.org) – not easy to set up, but once it's working you can get it to automatically record stuff to hard disk, and manage several different tuners. Basically it does what a tivo or Sky+ box would do, but with the added benefit you can burn them to DVD, play your MP3s through it, browse the web etc.Currently trying to convert an old PC into one myself.

  2. without wishing to give anyone nightmares, what happens in a power cut?And how do they get time to watch it all?

  3. Think there's some company planning on making a Freeview box with enough hard disk and tuners to record a full seven days, on every channel.

  4. Something I know something about for once!To rid oneself of 6 VCRs if one has money, two options at the moment. Go for a hard disk PVR (check out this site for a comparison). Otherwise, though I hate plugging Microsoft, the latest version MediaPCs are fab (and you get integrated DVD burners if you choose right)

  5. I find it slightly sad that you remember the Pokemon catchphrase “gotta catch them all” but then again who am I to comment when I have a Dr who ringtone (and no not exterminate), an obsession with forks (must be totally straight), and I spend all my time on the internet and a lot of that reading your blog. hmmm…tells me a lot about me…

  6. Hope your folks had a good time and on their return were able to watch all their faves.Did they see your April 5 perfomance?

    I'm off to Zimbabwe soon, so glad I don't possess a tv or an urge to watch one! (well only when Mike Baldwin is dying – brushes a tear away).


  7. Good grief! I'm still trying to get Keith to connect the video recorder to the TV since we moved into this house 2 and a half years ago. Think of all the miles of tape we haven't recorded!!!

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