Survey Time

Diamond Geezer had one, and as I'm always stealing ideas from people better than me…
I'm interested in knowing who you are, and the sorts of people who read my stuff, so if you could take a short moment to fill out this survey.

 Random Acts Of Reality Reader Survey  

1. Gender – Are you…


2. Coupled – Are you…


3. Location – Are you from…

Other UK
Another part of the world

4. Medical – Are you…

Ambulance staff
Allied Medical profession
First Aider
St Johns Ambulance/Volunteer ambulance

5. How long have you been reading this blog?

Since 2003
Since 2004
Since 2005
Since 2006

6. Comments – Do you have a reader/commenter account?

I can't make one

Current Results

10 thoughts on “Survey Time”

  1. Well – it's not supposed to look like that. Somewhere between previewing the post and it actually appearing the colours have all 'run' into one another.It's a pain in the arse for someone who likes the whole accessibility thing, but it's kind of beyond my HTML skills to repair for just the one post.

  2. I don't know how this happened, but I just completed your survey (on reading it for the first time today) and the next page told me I had already submitted my answers so my submission would not be included or recorded. It was the first time I had completed it and nobody else has access to my computer so something's wrong!

  3. I found highlighting the box showed up the text fine and I was able to complete and submit the form no probs. Smartass, yeah I know. 😉

  4. It would also be interesting to see the different age groups. I know that some people wouldn't want to say, but seeing as I'm even 14, I wonder at how many people my age read your blog every day… not very many I'd guess.(P.S.- Tom I went back and read all of your posts because I liked them all so much)

  5. Gender… whether you're single… whether you live in London… is this an attempt to get a date? 😛

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