Busy Day, A Bit Of A Rant.

Sundays can be busy, very busy. I think that they can be busier than Friday nights, my theory on this is that there is nothing on telly so people get bored and start drinking/drug taking early in the day, and all those people with minor illnesses have nothing to distract them.Even so, yesterday was a nightmare.
At one point there were 16 emergency calls waiting for an ambulance to be dispatched, but all the ambulances were busy. One of the local hospitals was so busy it had to “Divert” (which is when everything except heart attacks, major trauma and cardiac arrests are diverted to another hospital), the other two hospitals in the area were also full to bursting and we ended up having to put 96 year old patients in corridors as there just wasn't enough room anywhere else.
Busy A+E departments mean that because of the lack of beds all those elective surgeries that were planned for today will have to be cancelled and this results in waiting lists getting longer. Waiting lists getting longer means you get a lower rating from the government and so they cut the money the hospital gets as punishment, which is supposed to mean that patient care improves. (And of course every decent doctor/nurse/radiographer wants to work in a “failing” hospital which does wonders for the retention of staff).
It's a nightmare situation and I can't see it getting any better until we get more hospitals, more staff or the general public to realise that “belly-ache” for three days does not need to go to A+E because they “don't want to bother their GP” and to educate the GPs that telling the same patient to dial 999 for an ambulance because they are busy is not a good idea.
/rant mode off

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