Good Jobs

Seeing as the last post was perhaps a shade negative (and having promised the judge that I would continue taking the medication) I thought you might like to know about some of the good things about my job.My crewmate and I went to a man having a fit on Christmas day, he is a security guard and built like a brick out-house. This fit wasn't your “normal” epileptic fit, but instead the man was more “punchy” and aggressive. To say it was a struggle to get him on the back of the ambulance is to say that Paris Hilton has appeared on the Internet. Cutting a long story short, the patient is diabetic and his blood sugar had dropped to a dangerously low level. Luckily we carry an injection to reverse this and after wrestling with him in order to give him this drug he made a full recovery before we even reached the hospital. This is a nice job because we actually helped someone rather than just drive them to hospital.
Other benefits of the job include (but are not limited to…)
Working outside in the fresh air, I don't know how office workers put up with air conditioning.
I also like being my own boss. Maybe this is why I don't find “The Office” that funny.
Driving on the wrong side of the road with blue lights and sirens going, it's not the speed its the power
Being able to poke around people houses and feel superior even though you haven't done the washing up for two days.
No matter how annoying the patient is, knowing that within twenty minutes it'll be the hospitals problem.
Meeting lots of lovely nurses, and knowing that I get paid more than them.
And on the rare occasion being able to help people who are scared or in pain.

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