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Tuesday 20th December

The Friday Project secures publishing rights to London Ambulance Service blogger, 'Random Acts of Reality'

The Friday Project is delighted to announce that it has secured the rights to 'Random Acts of Reality', a book based on the acclaimed online diary of London-based Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T.), Tom Reynolds.

Tom began working as a nurse for the NHS at the age of 23. He worked in four hospitals but moved to the London Ambulance Service after realising that working in A&E was making him 'want to torture patients'. Now, as an E.M.T., he has finally found his true calling – so much so that he has stopped torturing 'all but the congenitally obnoxious… and drunks.'

Since 2003, Tom has kept an online diary (or 'weblog', or even 'blog'), candidly recording every aspect of his daily working life. From the tragic to the hilarious, from the heartwarming to the terrifying, the stories Tom tells give a fascinating – and at times alarming – picture of life in inner-city Britain, and the people who are paid to mop up after it.

Random Acts of Reality will be published in August 2006 in paperback format. It will also be the first mainstream UK title to be published online in its entirety under a Creative Commons Licence.

Paul Carr, Editor-in-Chief of The Friday Project explains: “Like many people in the media, we've been huge fans of Tom's writing for a long time. When we first approached him about turning his blog into a book, he suggested that we might also publish an online edition to allow people to access the full text electronically before deciding whether to purchase a hard copy.

It's a fantastic idea and one that suits the material perfectly.

And hopefully it will encourage other publishers to be less nervous about making material available online in order to increase hardcopy sales.”

Publishing under a Creative Commons Licence makes the entire text of the book available online and also entitles readers to download it, and reproduce it for personal, non-commercial use.

The publisher and the author retain all commercial publishing rights to the material.

The paperback edition of the book will be available in all good bookshops, published under The Friday Project's 'Friday Books'



Do you know how hard it is to keep quiet about something when you blog about pretty much anything that wanders across your mind? You'll notice I have a new category 'Da Book', where I'll put anything that occurs while I write the thing. It won't 'bubble up' to the main page, so as to not fill this blog with booky concerns.

46 thoughts on “Press Release”

  1. Nice work, sir. Does it feel different, thinking about writing something which people will put on their shelves? Anyway, I hope it goes well and don't let the deadlines get you down.

  2. Superb! Congratulations! And pushing the boundaries with the Creative Commons bit too. Looking forward to hearing more about it over the coming months 🙂

  3. Cool :)Have you picked out the “aloof yet sexually alluring” type pose over the bonnet of an ambulance for the dust cover yet?

    (oh lord, your mum reads this doesn't she?)

  4. Excellent news. Plus to Julie: I hope you placed your bet on Tom selling a best-seller before this news was published!

  5. NO NO NO Snoop, I didn't!

    and Mr. Reynolds, I am very disappointed that you didn't tip me off to get to William Hill sooner rather than later . . .

    BUT . . . congratulations and well done and I am really pleased for you. Just please don't give up the day job – us Londoners (even those of us in exile) still need you there making London a place where I am not scared not to be in times of emergency. A nice London Ambulance man saved my life less than two years ago – and if he was off writing books instead of rushing through the streets of North London then I wouldn't be here today to read your blog.

    PS I am still gutted that I didn't get my bet on at William Hill!

  6. Congratulations!I've been reading the blog for quite a while but just got around to registering to make this post.

    Well Done

  7. Top stuff, Tom – well pleased for you. There are some great stories in here and it's always been a wonderful insight.”August 2006″ – goodbye to all your spare time…

  8. Excellent! I can't wait! How soon can we pre order?!Flip is right, if you release late next year you can max sales because of the Christmas gift glut.

  9. Tom, you're the best. Creative Commons? Online? It's about time somebody realized the future has arrived.I'll sometimes buy one copy of a book, if that. Usually I just borrow from a friend or the library. (I give it back in both cases. Honest.) This time I'm going to buy multiples and send them to all my friends. At least five copies. Three rousing cheers, Tom.

  10. Congratulations!Here's hoping lots of very stupid East Londoners dial 999 over the next six months.

    (actually that's not what you want at all, but you know what I mean…)

  11. Well that's one thing on my Birthday list already. (August born here) I realised your Blog wouldn't be skipped over for too long when it came to publishing contracts.Oh, and well done on swinging the CC license for the publication. Not easy being the first to do something like that, especialy when you are dealing with traditional publishers rather than PoD.

    Let us know when the pre-order is up.

  12. Yay! Nice one matey.I'll try doubly hard to find you in McDonalds at Stratford so I can get my copy signed.

    P.S. was that you in Tchibo today helping a collapsed person? I didn't want to stop and check because it would have looked like I was rubbernecking at the collapsed person. Hope they were okay, the shopping centre was a fair facsimile for hell this afternoon.

  13. let me join everyone else in saying congratulations and wishing you the best of luck for the mammoth task ahead!out of interest will the book just be a collection of your posts or a combination of posts and other writings etc?

    Book first, newspaper column next!

  14. Congratulations TomWho said you weren't good. After All Santa only comes to the good little boys and girls. 😉

    Here's to a fabulous festive season for you. Drive safe. 🙂

  15. Can I add my congrats as well? Fantastic. And I'd echo the thoughts already written about how good an idea it is to try a Creative Commons licence. Well done!

  16. fantastin news. will be a present for everyone i know. there is nothing that gives the insite into our job like your blog. good on you.should be a compulsory text in schools, and for the parents, if they could read.

  17. Good for you. Congratulations.I have enjoyed reading your blog for many months now.

    An interesting question is that 'will knowing that what you write will eventually be in a book change the things you write about and your writing style here'?


  18. Congratulations. And I'd just started advertising your blog too. Which I only found because we have similar music tastes on

  19. Congratulations Tom, you really deserve that – and you kept it quiet nicely!Who decides which bits of the blog go in the book? Or is it all going in?

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