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…Enter ‘Prostitution’ Mode…

So I got my copy of Blogged: 2005 last night, indeed I am in it, but had I not been, I still would have bought it for myself.

The blogosphere is a wide and varied place, and Tim Worstall does an excellent job of collected some varied posts from mainly UK based blogs to highlight some of the news events of the year.

It covers most big events of the year from the Iraq war (pro, and anti), ID cards (all anti, but then is anyone besides the government in favour of them?), the July 7th bombings, the election (both here and in America), all the way to shaving your man-spuds in preparation for a vasectomy.

One of the main strengths of the book is that if you don’t like the writing of the article, then the next one is only a few words away, and while the majority of the book is based on the political side of things (obviously, as most of the big news events of the year are political) there is still room for bits from non-political bloggers.

I sat up all last night and read it through, cover to cover and I suspect that there are going to be a few new blogs added to my daily reading list.

In a slightly Doh! moment (at 4 am mind you), I wondered why the book stopped at October…

And yes, I’m one of the contributors, and so is Nee Naw (who kept very quiet about it).

Having talked to the publishers (The Friday Project), I can report that they are very nice people who ‘get’ the whole idea of Blogging, so I hope this book does well, both for them and for Tim.

…Exit ‘Prostitution’ Mode…

9 thoughts on “Blogged: 2005”

  1. When I click on the “Blogging 2005” link in your sidebar, Amazon tells me that I may also be interested in “The Big Book of Masturbation”. Is it just me?

  2. I always stay quite. It's the only way to remain enigmatic. Actually, I didn't believe I was actually going to be in it til I saw it. I still haven't seen it. Which of my entries made it in there, then?

  3. I'm really, really relieved that Lesley gets that as well. It's been appearing for a couple of months to me, but I didn't like to say anything…

  4. I'm pretty much the same – which is why I never mentioned it until recently.It has your post from the 28th of September, about comon beliefs held by the public about dialling 999.

    You should have your comp copy soon.

  5. Invite scores of bloggers to contribute to a book and they'll do all your online marketing and promotion for you. Brilliant idea.

  6. Yeah, there is some stuff from Katrina and the like, but the main focus is on the political stuff. I'd say this is the weakness of the book, in that it's trying to perhaps make blogs 'important' by following the American route of the political blogosphere.Nothing stopping you from collecting together and publishing some of the other stuff out there.

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