From Warren Ellis – ‘ So how dead does this place get on a Sunday night?’

Well today (looks at his watch) yesterday was pretty much dead person day.

Two corpses, two nearly dead, and one about to die.

All in one shift.

I think my favourite was an elderly gentleman in a nursing home, who had real trouble with his breathing.  I asked the nurses there to sit him forward, so I could listen to his chest with my stethescope, and they replied, “How?”, and, “I don’t understand”.

I think I got a bit ‘shouty’ with them after that.

I’ll gloss over the way they opened the door for me, but then let me find the patient all on my own…

Posting will possibly be a bit light over the next few days, as Jeannie is coming over to stay from Seattle, so most of my time will be spent showing her around London.  I’m looking forward to it.

Then there will be drinks, feel free to turn up and say hello to a genuine American.

13 thoughts on “Dead”

  1. Let's see, drawing on the whole three or four times I've been on daytrips to that Lunnon…SHOPPING. It's practically Christmas already as far as shops are concerned.

    Getting lured by the smell of a Chinese noodle kiosk, stuffing yourself silly, walking a few more blocks and getting hit by the aroma of Thai – the nose says yes, the stomach says I'm full!

    Satisfaction can also be derived from standing in full view of Big Ben (bloody great big clock) and asking passers-by if they could tell you the time, please. They always look at their watches.

  2. I like the way you think, Bats. &nbsp&nbsp ;-D &nbsp&nbsp Unfortunately, though, my vacation budget was mostly consumed by the airfare, so shopping will have to be kept to a search “reasonable” souvenirs to bring back as gifts! &nbsp&nbsp (st00pid sucking dollar)I was being rather facetious, Justin, when I was asking about whether there's anything to do in London – but since I can't stay for several months, I thought it'd be fun to see what y'all suggest as what-can't-be-missed. Keep 'em coming!

  3. I'm rather looking forward to it, too. ;-)This is my first time in London, so perhaps your readers can provide answers/suggestions for a couple of my questions:

    a) Is there anything to do in London?


    2) How do I meet the Queen?

    Also, you know how during the music montages of any movie set in London, you always see people being obnoxious and taking pictures with the guards outside Buckingham Palace?

    Um, well…can I really do that?

  4. London is, well, full of stuff to do. Hit the web sites for whatever it is you like to do… Good restaurants by Charing Cross, the Imax, the Film Theatre, the Eye. St Pauls and its dome is good if you like architecture. Walking tours of London are especially great IMO.With regard to the guards, yeah, you can, but it doesn't necessarily work. I read a while ago of two japanese girls who found a guard standing behind a white line labelled 'Do not cross' in Buck House, while the Queen was in residence. Knowing the 'annoy the guard' game, they started trying to distract him, without success. Eventually, they stepped over the line to get closer, and in a flash he brought his automatic rifle to bear and yelled 'GetbackbehindthewhitelineNOWorIfire!”. One assumes he had been dying for them to give him the chance to do that šŸ˜‰


  5. Don't nurses at homes for the elderly have to have any training or qualifications? I'm astonished. If I were placing an elderly relative in a home and was introduced to people described as 'nurses', I'd expect them to know what they were doing. Sounds like time for a claim under the trades descriptions act!

  6. There are lots of things to do in London and spend your money on as well, so make sure your card is fully charged. I'm sure Tom will show you around.Other Places Include the London Eye, Kew Gardens if you are into Flowers and Plants, the West End for Theaters.

    Have a nice trip.

    The Driving Instructor

  7. no, that's the beauty of it, you don't NEED cash to go shopping in London. I've had a great day in London with 10 in my pocket. You just wander round and try free samples and play with “interactive display” items and giggle at silly souvenirs and make endless comparisons to your home town/city/country/mud hut/planet/whatever.Did I mention these daytrips were mostly while I was a cheapskate student? šŸ™‚

  8. Sadly, there are many “care homes” where the staff haven't a clue. You turn up to a job, and the staff just stand there and look at you instead of telling you what's happened. I turned up at one of these homes one day for an elderly lady who'd been dead for hours – and they insisted they'd only been talking to her 20 mins ago. Well they may have been, but she certainly wouldn't have answered them!But there are also some very good homes who do actually meet us when we arrive, and tell us what has happened as they show us to the patient, but sadly they are rather few and far between in my experience.

  9. Hope your friend has a great time in London. I'm a Brit in Seattle btw.Great blog found it on someone's sidebar and added your to our blogroll.


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