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  1. You really need an ambulance on your banner (or whatever vehicle you are driving). I'm not interested in some financial building, although I used to pass it every day on my way to work.

  2. At the risk of turning this into a banner competition, what about:

    The image is one I found over here, and (if I've understood the CC licence) you'd need to credit him somewhere. Or you could use your access to vehicles with flashing blue lights to take your own version…

    (There are a couple of variations on the text – here and here)

  3. Personally I prefer the background image you already use, possibly with different text. Alternatively, why not post a photo of your RRU?Of the 2 banners, I like the concept of 1 but the text is poorly done. 2 is a nice idea but too hard to read. If you like the effect, then possibly put a white copy of the text above it at 50% opacity

  4. Hi TomNumber 1, looks a bit like The streets CD cover (a good thing) and gets my vote. I have modified it a bit, and made it web ready for you. If you like it use, if not no problemI will send it now.

  5. 1; it's a bit less cluttered.Though IMHO, the text should either be horizontal (i.e., level with the frame of the image) or skewed so that its vertical axis is parallel to that of the building.

  6. I like the second one better, but the text needs a little work – slightly confusing to the eye 🙂 I must admit, thought, that I like the current one best of all ….

  7. Why don't you try using a sans serif typeface… people often go for the twiddly charm of serifed lettering without thinking of the overall context of the design. Imagine having RANDOM ACTS OF REALITY completely filling the banner in nice chunky lettering on a plain background but with a picture showing through the characters as you have in choice2? If it has to be one or the other then not the first one but honestly, that typeface for the second one gives me a dicky tummy. Better call a paramedic…

  8. I like two, but I think the text would work better at the top of the banner, it would probably be more reasonable while maintaining the same effect.

  9. Current one is better than either, One is better than two, and the type in 2 does need a bit of work. Also, what happens to “trying to kill as few people as possible”? A brilliant subtitle. Don't lose it. (All that said, I agree that the current pic could be improved, but I'm not sure either of the improvements really are.) Design is difficult.

  10. Number 2 gets my vote. My main problem with number 1 is the font — I think it would look better in something like courier.

  11. I like the second background but neither text.I suggest having the word 'Random' made up of individual letters like in a randsom note, ie letters cut out of a magazine or newspaper, and then scattered around a bit up and down, then the rest of the title in a normal font (why not the one used in the current title banner) but you'll have to figure out how to get it to stand out against the background. Perhaps have it in its own box. Could look for a font that looks like it was made in one of those embossing machines, which write onto sticky backed strips.

    just a few ideas


  12. Best By Far: Your Current One.Second one has a nicer picture, but the writing needs a rethink. I don't like either though really, sorry 🙂



  14. Number 2 better than 1, which doesn't have the right font nor the right anlgles for the text. But number 2 needs to have solid colors in the letters throughout, otherwise it can't be read. But in fact neither is particularly good (sorry man, good effort though). Office worker.

  15. To be honest without being a jerk, if possible, neither are very good graphically or in terms of relevance, (in fact neither of them are as good as your current one on that score, typeface notwithstanding,) and I think they're both indicative of a website less popular and high-quality than yours is. I'm sure you've got a graphic arts type friend who could perhaps hook you up?

  16. I prefer the idea behind #1, while #2 reminds me of the opening titles sequence to a tv drama program – ooo, could be like flashy opening titles for Casualty type program perhaps! Nope, #1 it is, although I'd change the font to something that fits in better with the softness of the background image (that's not a lot of help, is it?). 🙂

  17. Can I add another vote for your current header picture. I know you don't drive one of those big white wagons any more, but it sums up the essence of the blog better than the latest two options.

  18. I like 2, but I think the title has to be in a solid colour (white?) as it blends in too much with the background at present.

  19. Don't really like either of them mate.What's wrong with your current one? I like that a lot.

    Also, what's up with the comment verfication thing? Is that needed if you're logged in as I am? Or do the spammers have accounts on here too..

    (It won't be very accessible for visually impaired users either)

  20. The blur on the buildings in #1 is really nice; makes it a bit more of an abstract idea of rushing around a city rather than looking like it's a photo of somewhere in particular.That said I'd go for the current one but with more modern looking text maybe?

  21. Of the two choices, I prefer the concept of number 2, but the text needs to be more readable somehow. I actually preferred the previous version (less harsh) and hadn't realised it was broken and needed fixing.

  22. Good lord! Are you really going to go through all these comments to sort out the voting? Reckon you should have plumped for a min-poll type thing.Anyway – I like no. 1. It's gritty. Which is good.

  23. Deffo Nujmber 1, may I suggest that you tweak the letters though, so that they appear to be in line with the building's orientation

  24. Hmm, neither one appeals to me. I like the blur but do not like the words going across. Sorry but I can't think of something to suggest either.

  25. wan't shouting my son left the caps lock on the keyboard, didn't notice till I looked up after typing it out and couldn't be arsed to re type it, so there, not shouting just lazy. :p

  26. Oh, I _like_ that one.But I think I'm going to have to stick with the 'old' one, or a variation on it, because not only do most people prefer it – but I am under orders from my mum…

    And I didn't get this far along in life by not listening to my mum.

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