As an amusing aside to yesterdays post. I only found out about the arms exhibition because of all the police in the area.
I found out about the demonstrations because I spent five minutes with Google.

I found out the LAS plans to cover the event by talking to friends.

There has been no official bulletin, no memos, no announcements. Our regular bulletin has however let us know about our new 'Community Handbook' (more on which later).

Bit of a poor showing I think.

(Also some people on my station are annoyed that they were never asked to cover the event – considering that it is smack bang in the middle of our 'patch').

Still, the police and protesters will be able to see our nice new shiny ambulances sitting around, while those of us actually working on the streets have had to make do with our old ambulances.

I mean, why would the road crews want the newer air-conditioned ambulances with tail lifts?

I believe that one crew were told by management that this situation is happening because 'image is important'.

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  1. But of course. It's important that the public sees that their taxes are being well spent. That's public as in “biggest number of people and tv cameras”, no one cares about the opinion of the pensioner being rushed to hospital with a heart attack in a stifling hot ambulance.Feel free to slap me if I'm being too cynical.

  2. Reynolds,A copy of the plan for this event has been sitting on the emergency planning directory of the common server for a couple of weeks now and was widely circulated via email at least a week ago. For the life of me I can't see why your local management haven't posted it out to each of the stations although maybe they are struggling with the office move at present.

    I'm assuming the DECON club are manning the extra vehicles and to be honest I would say good luck to them. Sometimes easy OT isn't all that easy after all!


  3. Well, bugger me if you aren't completely right! (Athough when I first started reading your comment I thought it was going to end in 'in the toilet marked “beware of the Bengal tiger”').But I don't think that a new strategy for frontline staff to search the server for new info everyday would work.

    And you know how our email system is being used at present…

    And to be honest, our management have been at their new office for quite some time now…

    As for the overtime, I'd be bored stiff, sitting around (hopefully) doing nothing.

  4. is happening because 'image is important'And so is you back and hydration levels.

    i can see the headlines “dictor X rushed to hopsital in shiny new ambulance for stub toe”

    Somewhere 2 pages from the back in small letters “2 paramedic in hospital with dehydration after working in hot ambulance”

  5. It all sounds rather mad to me.Not the best post to attach this on as not really linked, by the way I'm new to this so hello one and all, but I'm on the verge of applying to the LAS for a trainee EMT post.

    I say on the verge, I'm currently staring at the application form and wondering what to write on my personal statement without making it sound like I'm a right div.

    Anyway, I'm beyond the 'don't do it!' stage but any advise, suggestions or what ever, you can offer would be welcomed.

    Great blog by the way.

  6. Careful now reynolds, that is sounding cynical. Its a slippery slope from that to not caring about work, to deliberatley sabotaging your boss' chair so he falls flat on his ass, just so you can have a laugh.

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