20 thoughts on “Experiment (Or, Reynolds The Whore)”

  1. Hey Tom I know of somewhere that you might be able to write for… I'd rather email, how can I be sure you will get my email? Do you want me to put something specific in the subject line, cuz I think previous ones I've sent you may have got lost.pinkle

  2. anyone who wants to write a 5 minute verbal presentation about me (Merys) can please do so. I have no money to pay, so a debt of eternal gratitude will have to suffice. I have to have it by Tuesday, so any hopefuls, please fill in on my comments section.Good practice for you Tom


  3. Funnily enough the very next post is the first one made from a 200 G3 366Mhz iBook (thank you ebay). Bought mainly with the money that some very kind people donated to me.(If anyone knows an easy, and preferably *cheap* way of adding WiFi to it, I'd appreciate a hand. Although I do feel quite proud at being able to network it up via ethernet and router to my home Windows network – all with no manuals).

  4. Hi Reynolds, a bit of a woolly question here, but you mentioned MRSA in ambulances; what are the current guidelines concerning the transport of MRSA positive patients. Here we have to remove EVERYTHING from the vehicle and don stupid suits and masks. Someone in policy making is in great denial and thinks we can prevent MRSA taking a hold by taking such measures. I'm curious to know how things are done there.

  5. The post is nearly finished being written, and will be published on the first 'slow' day.Maybe tomorrow, unless I get some fun at ExCel…

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