This hotel in Mexico, which while nice enough for me, isn’t what you would call a top quality place…

…It has FREE Wifi!

This alone would mean that should I find myself down Mexico way again, I’d choose this hotel.

It’s really a no-brainer.

However, dear reader, don’t expect a lot of posting as this hotel is not only sitting on the beach, but also has free food and drink…

So I may be otherwise engaged.

Oh, and a quick “Yay!” for my plane, for deciding to not nose dive into the ground.

10 thoughts on “OMFG!”

  1. I wouldn't be cranky about the lack of Cancun posts, b/c you are, after all, on holidy……if you hadn't told us about the wifi! Grr.

    () 😉

  2. I trust ye be free from those light winds that have a habit of turning up at this time of the year. Ye olde hamoc could be in Mexico City. dungbeetle.

  3. And just as you go away you win Blog Of The Week in The Independent On Sunday. There might be a cash prize or something

  4. Reynolds, just thought you might like to know that it's pissing it down in London, it's cold and it's windy and it's horrid. You went on holiday in the right week! Have a good time.Pinkle

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