14 thoughts on “A Moment Of Zen”

  1. I found myself unthinkingly checking that all of my own gnashers were in place after that.Well, have fun!

  2. what if it was a hypodermic covered in some lovely desiese?Check where your putting your hands next time

  3. well, at least now he knows where they are and can put them under his pillow for the tooth fairy.That has to be in the top twenty nasty things to discover under your hand though.

  4. Hi Tom,Thanks for your insights into your working day. I used to work at the Whittington A+E (you'll know it, i think)as an E-grade. I also applied to the LAS and was acccepted, but got put on a waiting list. In the meantime I went to stay in Holland, and never came back. I'm now a clinical tutor/paramedic here and I love every minute of it. It's great to read about your working day and te see how many similarities there are really. I chuckled a lot about the vehicles that are always breaking down, it's exactly the same here.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. I remember an Irish Carl working there, who trained at Chase Farm…but your sign-in would make me thin you aren't him.And yes, the main thing I get from paramedics around the world is how incredibly similar our problems are…

  6. Well, that is half the fun in working in an unlit, cold, wet cramped area, with police and witnesses (and his drunk mate throwing himself on him and sobbing)……you never know what yu are going to find.

    If you think that is worrying, just wait for tonights post…

  7. Hi Tom,I was on my way home last night thru mile end and saw a RRV go by at about 3am and remembered u were workin.

    Edward Kenyon

  8. It might well have been me if it was an RRV going 65mph down the wrong side of the road, being followed by a police car…Not that they caught me…

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