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  1. Oh I dunno, nice weather for a stroll down to Canning town.(Canning town has no banks, because they were always getting robbed…)

    Hows the weather in Cumbria? It's nice down here.

  2. Every time I've been to Canning Town I have always been unfortunate enough to be able to smell from the glue or pet food factory or whatever evil it is wafting down the main drag and it's absolutely disgusting!

  3. Hi there! im from cumbria too! Erm, Its been a bit drippy at times, but overall quite nice! looking like a nice night! My first post here, just signed up. Completely admire all the work you do! Fantastic. Couldnt do it myself, although i am looking a medicine as a career (more research tho)Ill keep posting, Keep safe!

    Laura x

  4. Hi there.I met some research type doctors on an Advanced life support course – they didn't know one end of an ambu-bag form the other, but likewise they didn't have the 'near death' look that ward doctors cultivate.

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