Radiating Pain

Sometimes you are really glad the patient isn't facing you.
I went to an elderly male with 'chest pain', the ambulance crew turned up at pretty much the same time, so I found myself standing behind the patient as they got a history from him.

“Where is the pain?”, the ambulance attendant asked

“Here”, he replied pointing to the top of his chest.

“What does the pain feel like?”

“Kind of a burning pain”.

“Does the pain go anywhere else?”

“Well, it didn't go with me to my friends house…”

Cue me trying (thankfully successfully) to stop from laughing out loud. Instead I managed to restrain myself to just some silent sniggering.

For those that aren't aware, chest pain which is related to the heart often radiates to the jaw or arm.

Bless him, I love this job.

I've just spoken to the crew, and the pain was related to his heart

6 thoughts on “Radiating Pain”

  1. Snigger. I hope he's well, but – I love it when those comments just slip out. I am often found biting the inside of my mouth to stop my self laughing out loud! Funny post! – Jo

  2. heard “it goes everywhere” before – que lots of drugs and hard-core painkillers, but what was meant was “Its there all the time”

  3. I find doctor-type people tend to get annoyed when you joke about things… Glad to hear at least some of them have a sense of humour.

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