New Blog?

Given the amount of responses that I got to the post about my mousey guest, I was thinking – maybe I should start up a new blog where I can post dilemmas, and people can put their ideas forward in the comments section about the best solutions.

Then folk could email me new dilemmas for inclusion.

Does that sound like a stupid idea that couldn’t possibly work?  What would I call it?

Maybe I’ll set it up the same time I set up my podcasting idea

3 thoughts on “New Blog?”

  1. There's a solution which is more valuable to science; allow it to breed, then capture the mice and leave them in the bathtub for a week or so; the winner shall be hailed as the ultimate mouse, or “ubermounsche”

  2. Sounds like an advice column.”Dear Miss Manners,

    What is the most appropriate way to tell a drug-seeking junkie to get the hell out of my ambulance? I certainly don't want to offend anyone!…”


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