I've read all the comments that people have left on the last post, and I've decided to humanely trap and release the mouse that is left.  It just ran across the floor towards my main computer, where I think he makes his home.

The thought of disease didn’t bother me (after all you are aware of the types of people I see daily), trailing urine across the floor is nothing that I don’t do myself sometimes…

It was the cable chewing that did it for me – if I could trust him not to chew my cables, then he could stay, but he can’t be trusted not to find a Mrs mouse and have thousands of cable chewing offspring.  Also it wouldn’t be fair on my neighbors.

So the trap is loaded with chocolate (and yes, I did use that as an excuse to buy myself a bar of chocolate), and I fully expect to have him joining his friend later today.

To answer a few more comments, he looked bedraggled because he was sweating after being stuck in the trap all night trying to get out.  He was not a FBUA at any point during his captivity, and I can’t keep wild mice in a cage because the stress tends to kill them.

I got the picture of him because I let him run around a plastic tub (the bottom of a paper shredder to be exact) for a bit – for the express purpose of getting a picture of him using my new Macro lens for my camera.

I do still like mice despite their ability to multiply, any race that can give humans a run-around is alright in my book.

If my flat caught fire the rest of the block wouldn’t go up – something I’m very grateful for seeing as people here torch their flats in either drug related accidents, or as a way to get re-housed.

And how did I live with seven nurses?  Well – I was one of them, and I was at work most of the time, or asleep/drunk/shagging for the rest of the time.  Time passed very quickly there…

3 thoughts on “Mouse”

  1. “at work most of the time, or asleep/drunk/shagging for the rest of the time”Are you suggesting that “No Angels” is a documentary?

  2. Well, I think you are wise to trap the cute little guy. I, too, love mice, well, at least think they are very cute. So cute they multiplied, well, like mice, and soon we had 25 mice fighting for territory when we weren't looking. We trapped with a similar trap, and got the first 2, then the Big Momma mouse figured out how to escape (you get the thing to turn over on it's side, so the door pops open) and proceeded to teach EVERYONE of her babies to escape likewise. LOLWe (who are dedicated vegetarians) ended up having to use the old traditional traps like in the cartoons. Oh, well.

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