Just finished a job dealing with a 64 year old female with angina-type chest pain. While the job is one of our fairly regular types, what was unusual was that the GP was still on scene and that he had given the patient some Asprin. I know I've mentioned before how GPs often don't do this important treatment.Of course, as soon as I turn up, the GP disappears – he was obviously intimidated by my superior medical knowledge…
Before that, I went to a job that was given to us by the police as “Male, 30 cuts to hand, self inflicted”. As it was halfway across town, the ambulance got there first (but I still made it in under the all-important 8 minutes) – I then saw them leading the patient into the ambulance. Chatting with the crew it seems that the patient fell onto his hands and had nothing more than scrapes and grazes.
I suspect that there is more to the story than that, so I'll try to have a chat with the crew about it later.
Now I'm going to try and have my second cup of tea for the day.

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  1. Ah good old Gps, its amazing most of them leg it when we arrive. We must be intimidating.First time I've logged on to read for a few days, just thought I'd leave some encouragement for the blogathon. All very amusing and all making me very glad that I'm not at work!

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