Happiness Is A Warm Pizza

An excerpt of a conversation I just had with Control.
Control : “Hello, EC50, we have a job for you”.

Me : “Ah, you rotten buggers! I've just got myself a pizza”.

Control : “Hold on a sec… OK, stand down (Other Callsign) is closer”.

Me : “I love you like I have loved none other”.

Control : “*giggle*, enjoy your pizza”.

Control can be nice sometimes…

(And if you want to do that again, I won't be complaining).

7 thoughts on “Happiness Is A Warm Pizza”

  1. At least your happy and content (for now) Theyre keepin a really horrible job for you as pay back lol!Liz & Bu,p 29 weeks and 1 day, 77 days to go! (keep yourself free for 30th May Tom, lol!)

  2. It is sods law…as soon as you get your chow you get a call. If we said that to control, we would get a beasting… Suppose it depends on the controller…

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