Warren Ellis IX

Do you find yourself missing your local radio station while away from home? Radiofeeds, will point you to online streaming versions of radio stations from across the UK.
Now if TV companies would just give up on trying to stop home downloading, and let you watch their programmes across the internet for a reasonable charge.

2 thoughts on “Warren Ellis IX”

  1. It's not the charge they're concerned about, it's control; the ability to lock the content to your player or stop you skipping ads or to auto-delete the programme after 7 days or 3 viewings as not to cut into the DVD sales market. Without the ability to do that (i.e. DRM), and laws to enforce the integrity of their DRM controls, they won't sell you an unencrypted download of the latest Doctor Who episode for a million pounds.Think of it as the ideological fallout of the Reagan/Thatcher era; anything that is not monetised (which includes any right that is not either explicitly traded or withheld) is considered to be waste.

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