Bang Bang

I'm just leaving the Kelvdon Hatch bunker, to head towards Vange (which is a wonderful name for a place, just ever so slightly rude).
I'm typing this, while sitting in the messroom, in full combat gear fully aware of the confusion, exercise and pain that will soon follow. Why do I do this again?
As official medic, I've had absolutely nothing to do so far, and I really hope I don't have to do anything this weekend – we have a pretty good safety record, only two people have broken a bone at these things (and I was the first one to do that), and apart from a broken arm, I'm normally only dealing with blisters and headaches.

Bit like work really.

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  1. Hey there,where abouts in Kelvdon Hatch is this airsoft place? the old nuke bunker? i've been trying to find a local airsoft place for awhile and didnt know there was one around there. is it public or a members only gig?



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