Busman’s Holiday

There was no post yesterday, because I didn't have the time. Instead of going home and relaxing, I instead visited my mum and brother, partly to say hello, and partly because I like the dinners than my mum cooks me.All was going well, until just after dinner I heard my brother shout for me – I ran up the stairs to find him crouched over the unconscious body of my mother. She soon came round, and after vomiting once, made a full recovery.
While I wasn't too worried, I thought that it would be best if she went to hospital for an E.C.G and blood tests to rule out anything sinister. There then followed much shouting as I did my best to 'persuade' her to let me take her to hospital – I may be a medical professional, but she doesn't believe that I know what is best for her.
I finally managed to get her to agree to come to hospital, so I took her to Newham, and booked her in at reception.
The funny thing is, although it seems I'm always at Newham, and the staff there know me well, without my uniform on they had trouble recognising me. There was a lot of confused looks as they took in my face and then wondered where they had seen me before. Seems that to some people at least – I am just a uniform…
We were seen to fairly quickly, although we didn't get any special treatment, (apart from me getting a cup of tea off one of the girls) and were discharged after less than three hours following the E.C.G and blood tests. Provisional diagnosis was a urine infection, although I suspect that it may have been a vasal vagal attack following the large dinner.
So everything turned out alright, I was very happy with the treatment she received and I got to spend a couple of hours 'back at work'. I just wish that mum stopped apologising for 'ruining my evening'.
Duh, I do it for strangers, why wouldn't I do it for my own family.
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  1. Re the staff not recognizing you without your uniform: when I worked in a hospital, I spent a lot of time with residents (specialists in training) who wore surgical scrubs.One day after getting off work, as I was boarding the streetcar, a strange man spoke to me in a very familiar way. I was all prepared to be insulted when I realized it was one of my co-workers in street dress. I said, “Oh Danny! I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!”

    I suppose that's an old joke.

  2. Glad your mother is OK – Ask her to grade the service she received…..might help her get back to being your Mum not just one of the customers….. Hope Xmas & work are both good for you….david b. …….. in b. cold Chicago

  3. Merry Christmas to all! Let's hope none of us have to go anywhere near a hospital … unless we're working (in which case it goes with the job!). Good to hear your mother's okay.A 🙂

  4. I am very happy that there was nothing major wrong with your mother. It's funny that she didn't want to go even though this is what you do for a living. It must be a mother thing. Mine called me once to say she was having trouble breathing, I told her to hang up and dial 911. She waited 2 hours for my father to get home to drive her to the hospital and was admitted with to pulmonary embolisms. Fine now, but I felt like she didn't trust my advice.

  5. Have a great Christmas which I hope isn't peppered with too many people wanting a 'taxi' because they are too pissed or think they might be too nauseous to bother! I jest! Glad your Mum is ok – my heart leapt for a second. I hope she gets to the bottom of what caused it and gets it treated. Take care. Very best wishes. Astrid

  6. My wonderful Mum (sadly passed on now) was very proud of my being a doctor – but to her I was always going to be her little girl. Most of the time, she managed not to let this slip out.However, there was a debate one Christmas over whether or not my sister could have alcohol while taking BP medication: when told that I had said it was ok, my Mum exclaimed “What does Aine know?!” – as I cracked up laughing, she smiled sheepishly, and said “I suppose she does, doesn't she?”

    So glad your Mum was ok: hope you have a safe time over Christmas.

    Best wishes, and Thanks for what you do.

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