Later today (for it is 1am here in Reynolds-land) I shall be starting the first of four night shifts (19:00-07:00), I'm sure I've told you before how much I love night-shifts.
It is also a full moon – traditionally the time for strange things to happen, and for the 'wilder' sort of behaviour from my patients.

And lastly, it is a Bank Holiday Monday, and will therefore be full of people who have been drinking for three days straight anxious to get those final few pints drunk.

I think I'll keep the stab vest on throughout tonight.

4 thoughts on “Trouble?”

  1. Knees up mother Brown, type of night , gosh stab vest, I would have thought a Sow Wester would have ben in order to keep all the Side Walk decoration from spoiling yer olde Florence Nightingale outfit, keeping it shiny and fresh for the Station Hofficer when you book out.Good Luck. dung beatle.

  2. With the one obvious exception, I'm pretty good at avoiding vomit (I just listen for that little 'catch' at the back of the throat).And if our station officers commented on the state of our dress, they would get a tongue lashing from _all_ road crews it would be painful to watch…

    Still our SO did think it acceptable to 'collar' and RTA but not block and board him…

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