Kids, Kids, Kids

I'm not a big fan of children, they are small, noisy, badly behaved and get under my feet.
Which is why I am ecstatic about having a late shift where I dealt with nothing but children. Children who were 'foaming at the mouth'. or had 'serious head injury following football game' and even the old favourite 'high temperature'. We even had a 'car vs child' accident – the car had run over the 11 year olds foot. With no serious injury, the child now promised not to run across the road again.

We had one job that could have been serious, a 6 year old boy had had an epileptic fit at the top of the Mosque stairs and fallen down all 20 of them. The boys uncle had then carried him home, where he had another fit and we were called. Due to the fall I decided to immobilise his cervical spine (you know the bit on the telly where the patient is trussed up on a board with a collar around their neck? That is cervical spine immobilisation) – I doubted the child had a broken neck, but you can never be too sure. Normally six year olds are a nightmare to immobilise, they scream, cry and wriggle – you are often better just trying to lay them flat because a determined 6 year old will tear off collars and head blocks rather easily. Luckily for us, the child was still drowsy from the epileptic fit, and so didn't complain as we strapped him down. An uneventful transport to hospital, and within the hour he was sitting up on his trolley waving at us as we brought in yet another child.

I'm tired now, and am going to bed – stay tuned for tomorrow (erm…actually later today) I bring you the first in the series “Driving For The LAS For Dummies”.

3 thoughts on “Kids, Kids, Kids”

  1. Just a small aside, but be careful about using the “for dummies” appellation when it comes to idiots guides. I had to change the domain name of d4d™ (ex. Destruction for Dummies, now Dummies for Destruction) when Wileys (the publishers of the “for dummies” range”) got hyper-snotty about a year back.Anyway, thought you'd best know that – it's not an unknown thing, but they're definite scumbags for doing it.

    Keep up the stunning blog!

  2. Cheers Lyle, the heads up is much appreciated. I don't think they'll bother little old me, anyway I'm sure I could claim fair use in three Blog titles, that have nothing to do with their books.But I'll keep an eye out anyway.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. I thought the same thing – that “little old me” wouldn't be of any interest to the litigious scumsuckers in the US. Ooops, guess again.Ah well – hope they don't see it. 🙂

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