Easy Night (England Win)

The night started with a feeling of impending doom, as I had forgotten that England was playing a fairly important football match against Croatia – I live in a block of flats with a load of Croatians so I wonder if they are still standing, and will the night-shift be full of people injuring each other over a game?
As it turned out the night was remarkably free from people beating each other up – one call to a family who'd had a fight between husbands/boyfriends and sisters with a 18 month baby getting in the way of a punch as well. Luckily the baby was fine, and the man who hit the baby was rather battered, in a minor injury sort of fashion. We'd also gone to an nurse who'd taken an overdose and was very drowsy – she initially refused to travel, but after half an hour of persuasion (including me asking her that if she really wanted to kill herself, why did she phone her work up and tell them what she had done? And where was the suicide note?) she travelled to hospital where she spent the night on a cardiac monitor.

We had one 'matern-a-taxi' to the Homerton hospital where the mother was booked in – even though Newham hospital was half a mile away. It was one of those jobs where the patient tells you she is having five minute contractions, but as soon as they get in the ambulance time dilates and you don't see one contraction during a 15 minute transport…

And finally we got a 23 year old female who had vomited once, and had a touch of diarrhoea – she decided not to transport to hospital so we left her in the care of her boyfriend – an easy job all round.

We did a total of five jobs during the night, which counts as a very quiet night for us. Three of the jobs were off one street – we just kept getting sent to the same area. It sometimes happens like that, you send ages without visiting a place and then get called there three times in a night.

Other crews reported that there were not as many violent incidents following this game – I even found my flats still standing when I returned home this morning.

SPAMPOT COUNT: Still Zero…but I have plans…

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