It’s Oh So Quiet…

A lovely quiet night,
1 x matern-a-taxi – baby not due for at least the next 10 hours

1 x crying 1 year old – asleep quite happily when we arrived

1 x headache – who was more concerned about his depression than anything else (I actually had some sympathy for this patient).

1 x 23 year old chickenpox – One of those people who wraps themselves up in a blanket when they get a temperature and wonder why they feel so ill.

1 x panic attack That saw us off shift on time

There were no stabbings, no glassings and no assaults.

Tomorrow is a bit busy, I need to wait for the 'City of Heroes' computer game to arrive from America; visit my mum to convince her that the mark on her face isn't cancer, and attend a small London blogger meetup.

After working twelve shifts on the trot (a mix of 12 and 10 hours) it'll still be relaxing.

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