Kick Off

Well it looks like I was right, the nice weather with people in the pubs from an early hour, coupled with England losing 2-1 in the football has led to what can, in best tabloid fashion, be described as “an orgy of violence”.
It started out with a couple of “glassings“, which we have been getting over our MDTs as “stabbing to the head” for some reason.

A couple of more assaults including one who was set upon by a number of drunks who were intent on stealing his car – luckily not too badly injured, he was more shook up. Other crews were “blueing” in a number of assaults, including at least one stab victim.

The police were running from call to call, and once more there are not enough ambulances to deal with the large number of calls we have been receiving. Our Duty Officer has been telling crews that we should be wearing our stab-vests constantly – but he isn't the one who has to lug a 20 stone arrest down four flights of stairs in this heat…

Good job I'm not searching for a quiet life.

I am, however, off to bed now.

2 thoughts on “Kick Off”

  1. There has been a number of initiatives to convert pub glasses to plastic – again a nice ale would be disgusting via plastic…_But_ a lot of drinks these days are served out of bottles, and glass pint glasses are still very popular.

    You are right in that the people who start the violence are “going out to get pissed” – and so will stick to the high alcohol content lagers.

    Don't get me started on women and the ease of drinking biacardi breezers…

  2. In some venues around here glass is not used for some types of events (i.e., everything is served in plastic). While I can't imagine having an excellent bitter, brown or mild in *plastic* (YECH), are the people drinking enought to “glass” someone consuming their ale in a way that they could taste the difference? That is, is there a push in some of these places to not serve in glass?DJ

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