God Damn I hate insomnia.
No, not the film, or the song, but the whole “laying in bed staring at the ceiling knowing that you have to go to sleep so that when you go to work the next day you won't start killing people for breathing too loudly”.

It's one of the bugbears of shift work, how do you shift from Night shifts to Early morning shifts? Well you “simply” stay awake after your last night shift, which incidentally makes you feel crap, but will reset your body clock.

This all falls apart when you have tonnes of stuff to do, lack the willpower to remain awake and have to drive 280 miles the next day.

I have only myself to blame really, I did choose my job, and I do enjoy working nights for the weird deviant jobs that you get in those wee small hours.

Oh and all the stabbing/shooting/bottling you get when alcohol is involved.

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