Blogmeet #1

Well, the first Blogmeet I've ever been too went well. Option #2 of my “how to spot a blogmeet” was used with good effect when I overheard someone say “Hello BastardMark“.
I had some good chats with Hans, Ian and the others there. I managed to get the full story of his flirtation with spandex from Legomen, and rather shamefully monopolised Pixeldiva and Sharon. Discussions ranged from the awfulness of cheap London hotels to the concept of “comment envy”.

Despite having only four hours sleep and drinking Grolsch from 2pm – I didn't get that drunk (perhaps a little tipsy) and even more surprisingly I didn't have a hangover.

It was interesting (in a Desmond Morris fashion) to watch the varying social groupings that were formed and broken over the course of the evening and how the group dynamics shifted as more alcohol was taken on-board.

Now I'm in work picking up people who think that walking down the central reservation of the A12 is a good idea, and taking a violent frequent flyer out of my area as she is banned from the local hospital.

Now I'm looking forward to Wednesday, where I will remember that the tube closes at a ridiculously early hour, that night busses are full of weirdos and a cab from Stratford to Barking costs £16.

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