Coming In June

Available for pre-order from Amazon right now.
Just thought that I'd let people know and that if you buy it from the linked picture above then I get even more money from my Amazon associate deal. If you buy more than one copy then I get double the money.
It also makes a wonderful gift for all the family, your neighbours and workmates and strangers in the street.
More on this once my brain reforms itself from doing an impression of a puddle on the floor.

11 thoughts on “Coming In June”

  1. Just for you Tom despite the fact I'm dirt poor and spent too much money in Lush yesterday, it has been ordered!

  2. If you spent all that money in Lush, shouldn't you be clean poor?Excellent news Tom. Pre-order sent off.

    Will there be an eBook to download too? (Yes, despite having a free eBook copy of your first book to read, I still paid for the dead tree version. πŸ™‚

  3. Yes – it will also be released under a CC license. But more news on that later…(Essentially, we want to make it really special, but it requires some finagling first)

  4. Well it hasn't arrived yet ;-)I suppose I am in fact clean poor, as I have enough lush stuff to die happy.

  5. Funny I did a review for the first on eon Amazon just the other day and suggested a seuqel. So when might we in the US get this gem?

  6. didnt know where to put this..your books have helped me realize that i want to do this job….i consider them to be part of my 6-7 study hours a day….there chock full of tips …im in emt class right now and i have suggested your books to all the other students

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