Police Officer Dies

A Metropolitan Police officer who suffered serious head injuries while investigating a robbery has died.

Armed officers attempted to stop a vehicle in Stratford, east London, early on Saturday morning.

They followed the car to Ashlin Road in Newham, where 37-year-old PC Gary Toms was critically injured.

Pc Toms, who joined the force in January 2002, has been described as a “dedicated officer” who was known for his “professional attitude”.

Gary, 37, joined the service in January 2002. He moved to CO19 in November 2008. Prior to that he has served within the TSG and Barking and Dagenham borough.

Ch Supt Bill Tillbrook, in charge of the Met’s Specialist Firearms Command, said: “My deepest sympathies go to Gary’s family, friends and colleagues at this distressing time. Gary was a dedicated officer who died doing the job he had trained to do. He was a hard working police officer who was known amongst his colleagues for his sense of humour and professional attitude.”

The Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson said: “This is especially poignant news given that Gary died on the 25th anniversary of Yvonne Fletcher's death.

“It shows us all that the potential dangers officers face when doing their duty are never far away.

“To lose such a young and promising officer is the most tragic of losses for his family – my most sincere condolences to them. This is also a loss that the wider Met family should not, and never will, forget.”

I don't know if we ever met in a professional capacity, but that doesn't matter, my thoughts go out to his colleagues, friends and families. I was following the story since Sunday and hoping that he would recover.

6 thoughts on “Police Officer Dies”

  1. And barely a whisper about this on the BBC and online newspapers, compared to the G20 police brutality scandal.Incidentally, anyone else puzzled by the lady victim? I saw a video clip of her saying that the officer concerned had used his “full force” to strike her in the face with a backhander, and yet there wasn't a bruise visible.

  2. Well she had my support until she employed Max Clifford to handle the PR – immediately makes you question the whole episode!The biggest fear is that resulting inquiries and court cases will, instead of just sorting out a few possible bad apples, mean a change in policing demos and next time London ending up looking more like Strasbourg did a few days later.

  3. Talking of filming misbehaviour, Reynolds, what's your opinion on the Margaret Haywood case?Mine is that, if the NMC had wanted to send a clear signal that Whistleblowers Will Be Persecuted, they couldn't have done better.

  4. Bruises generally take at least 24 hours (sometimes more) to materialize, and change colour over the next two weeks or so, as they start to disappear.

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