14 thoughts on “Fifty People, One Question : London”

  1. Well the Tahiti boys charmed me and an interesting thing to watch ! me ! my favourite thing is to go to bed so i suppose my second favourite is to wake up in it ! and now after a bit of telly in the small hours I shall go to bed for another long day !

  2. Don't worry, I'm here too!!What a nice video, it got me thinking…..

    I don't actually know where I would like to wake up tomorrow…

    Where I am now I suppose, I'll just have to work at what I have to make things better…

  3. Goodnight Tom , Goodnight Paul , sweet dreams about the clutch !( sorrry Tom ! message to Paul ) I am off to my favourite place in a while .

  4. On the south-east coast on the day of the Roman invasion.With the advent of digital photography and the way it has made movie making so much easier, more of us should be out with our cameras making our own mini documentaries.Imagine in hundreds of years if we had a national archive of these home made videos. The possibilities are endless.Time to get out the camera.

  5. Whilst i enjoy waking up in my own bed a good alternative would be somewhere quiet. Well even quieter than here. Where i can hear just birdsong and other elements of beautiful nature doing it's thing in amongst fresh air, sunshine and knowing i don't have to cook or clean or anything else domesticated like that :0)NZ? or some other pacific island… or even indian ocean island.

  6. Awesome, awesome idea. Very personal, meaningful arty and oh loads of other stuff. I may have to add this to my favourites.

  7. I'm split between a couple of placeson the overnight highland sleeper – cos for me the journey is as important as arriving

    Living by the seaside I see the waves crashing against the beach everyday on my way to work or watch the ferry on its way to the channel islands, so probably also my own bed.

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