Twit (And Drunken Twits)

I'm a twit sometimes.

Take yesterday. I'm supposed to be working four night shifts, so I arrive in work with plenty of time to spare (and so I can pop across the road and get my dinner, a half-pound heart attack in a bun).

My crewmate turns up, we get our kit on the ambulance and wait for the first call.

Then the resource center (who handles the staffing of vehicles) phones up my crewmate and tells her that she's single and they are sending someone to work with her.

The shoe drops – I'd booked these four nights off early last year so that I could go to SXSW, but then money became a problem so I couldn't go. I'd then forgotten to cancel the leave.

What a nice surprise.

I'm back at work on next Thursday – so I have a chance to do a load of things that I've been putting off because I haven't had the time.

Just a quick comment on the news that the report on 24 hour licensing is to be positive.

It's not my opinion, there has been a 12% increase in alcohol related calls to the LAS in the last two years (without an increase of resourcing to deal with it). The Information Centre shows that admissions for alcohol have doubled in the last decade. And anecdotal evidence would suggest the same.

It just shows how detached from reality our policy makers are. Or how blatant the conspiracy between government and alcohol producers has become.

8 thoughts on “Twit (And Drunken Twits)”

  1. You could have been a bigger twit…you could have thought you were on holiday when in actual fact you were meant to be at work! Unexpected time off, must be nice!Enjoy your days off!

  2. Enjoy the unexpected days of leave; like you said catch up on all the things you don't make time for because you are too busy with keeping in touch with all of us via the blog (ok and going away to Florida for a vacation, but we will forgive you for that because you are you lol). Bet you felt like a complete dodo for forgetting you had booked it, that has to make it into the next book… # 3 I believe it will be.Sage

  3. You sound like my fella; when he organised a meeting bang smack in the middle of family holidays for the SECOND time, he was told in no uncertain terms that a third time would mean a permanent holiday … from his family. His diary is usually full 3-6 months in advance, so he was happy to find an available slot – I didn't appreciate having to take the kids away on my own, a bit too much of a busman's holiday.

  4. Lucky you – enjoy your days off Tom.”TWIT” is such a brilliant word isn't it?

    And… “YOU DONKEY”…

    Or if you can say it in a Blackadder style voice – you “NIN-COM-POOP” (with a blown out cheeks' emphasis on the “poop”)


  5. i just wanted to say your book blood sweat and tea is (underlined) inspirational despite the drunks and minus the lack of tea : /. I read your book so many times now, i really need to invest in a new one but as an nhs cadet it helps to go back to your book so i know what the doctors and nurses are talking about instead of sounding like a complete dumb arse, i think that deserves a gold star :)shazz


  6. If you were a woman I'd say that was a phenomenon called placenta brain, seeing as you are male, I can't bail you outa this oneEnjoy the time off 😉

    Liz & Josh 25w 4d

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