Off To Hertfordshire

No real blog post today as Im preparing for being a guest at the Guardian Public services Summit. I'm jotting this down as I'm waiting for my bath to fill. It should be interesting and I get a free hotel room out of it.

Unfortunately, due to someone dropping out the format of my session has changed and so I have to rapidly plan a ten minute presentation before sitting down to be questioned. Oh well, should still be fun.

I need to perform well as people have paid over £600 to come to the summit (which I consider silly money).

And no, there hasn't been mention of a fee for my appearance. But I do these things because they are fun and because I get to meet interesting people. At this one I might be able to shout at a few politicians…

Which reminds me that I need to check that I've packed my pepper spray and brass knuckles.

5 thoughts on “Off To Hertfordshire”

  1. if you find a spare hour or 2 in ertford get thee to the white horse, an excellent little pub

  2. If it's St Albans head south to Berkhamsted (incidentally where I used to live) and there is a pub there called “The Crystal Palace”, pop along there. Otherwise “Break a leg” (or rather don't, but if you do, you'll no how to deal with it)

  3. 600 is silly money if its your money, if it were the politicians who are stumping up the cash, then it might be 'our' money or 'someone else's' money entirely, but its more than likely 'they' (or their family) will be getting paid more than 600 for putting there smiley face in the room, but we may never know the truth.Do you know I really wish I didn't feel like that.

    Cynics like me aside, have a great day

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