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  1. My Dad, almost 68 but generally very fit was suddenly taken ill with an increased heart rate today (Christmas Eve), and after being referred to his GP for an ECG they called an ambulance.(And, no, the GP didn't give him an asprin!)

    It turns out my Dad has Atrial Fibrillation but should be fine, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to the EMTs of Leicestershire ambulance service who put him at his ease and made him laugh despite his fear at the situation.

    I've been reading your blog ever since I read the book, but today it all suddenly became very real for me.

    So tonight I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the Ambulance service people out there, ready to help when people need it. You are in my and my parent's thoughts and we wish you all the most peaceful and Merry Christmas. .

  2. One of the things I don't understand is how you can hit someone over the head with an axe and they survive. Do people using an axe as their offensive weapon of choice decide to cuff the other person gently , or with the side of blade or do they just use the handle. And do they normally “go equipped” or had they been chopping wood ? One of life's mysteries I suppose.Happy Christmas by the way “tom”

  3. I've wondered about that too.Although from seeing stories in the press/on tv it has always amazed me how little it can take to kill someone (ie fell over, hit head) or just how much damage people can survive (ie impaled on pole through body, run over by lorry, hunting knife embedded in skull, etc etc).

    A very merry Christmas to you Tom.

  4. I've seen people killed by falling down one stair and survive falls that were frankly ridiculous. (Not the same person obviously, sorry my brain is fried after last night).It's one of the reasons why this blog is called as it is.

    And yes, some people do seem to wander around 'tooled up' in such a manner.

  5. Merry Christmas. Or not – I guess you only really get to see the unusually violent/traumatic/idiotic side of the revels rather than the hundreds of families having a nice and peaceful time. I suppose I could have called an ambulance to come and attend what has so far been my trauma-free and almost sickeningly idyllic Christmas, but I doubt it would have gone down too well.

  6. happy christmas mate, good to see the christmas spirit there like NI is traditional.have a good one, and enjoy the mince pies.

  7. happy christmas mate, good to see the christmas spirit there like NI is traditional.have a good one, and enjoy the mince pies.

  8. Meerie Christmas to all the good folks that help people,that includes you Thomas.re:accidents of falling, I tumbled out from the 4th floor and snapped my left leg lower bone and flattened a heel, [had a luverly hip to toe cast] but 60 years later I am normal of leg but of head be?????At that same time, was sharing a ward with others who took tumbles, one a 11 year old fell 3 ft and snapped 21 bones , unlucky fellow, he was brilliant of mind, another lad fell down a grain storage shaft 60ft, in for observation ,staff could only find a dislocated thumb.Then my dear partner of 50 years takes a tumble down the stairs at the airport recently and fell on her head, security, turned up with all the tools of the medical trade having seen the event, they watching on the security cams, but she be fine, not a decent bruise to be seen, then another much younger friend takes a short spill and ends up with leg fractures and even a broken bones in the ankle area, a wheel chair for the next 6 months.. So there be no telling what the fates have in store, so many fall in the street , a milk bottle or a rock or a crack and end up with a broken thigh or pelvis.So all who read this blog stay healthy and enjoy each moment , they be precious.old codger, not yet ready for the doss house.

  9. They'll be back when I have some time to look at the site – it was them that was giving the Black Screen to a lot of people.I just need to find a new script that will handle RSS feeds *and* work in Bloglines.

  10. LOL! I think one important point to note is, with some people an axe fight in the middle of the high street actually IS a good day out, even perhaps the highlight of their year – it actually meets their needs for violence, ego gratification, and one-upmanship/carrying a big fat grudge.Let's face it, you don't carry an axe around a city high street unless you're really hoping for a chance to use it!

    You only have to look at the history books to see such people have always been with us, and while people like us (? most of us anyway – probably!) enjoy quieter, more serene occasions, some other folks have such a limited emotional repertoire that only fighting, brutal confrontations, and bloodshed make them feel alive.

  11. Speaking of people surviving ridiculous falls, when I was in my first year at uni someone in my halls of residence fell from a fifth floor window onto the pavement and survived. As I recall he broke a couple of ribs, both his legs, an arm and lost a few teeth in the process.Apparently the doctors said that the only reason he survived was that he was so drunk he was completely relaxed when he hit. Of course, if he'd been sober he wouldn't have fallen out of the window… Mind you, he was lucky in one way – a metre in either direction and he'd probably have hit the railings rather than the ground.

  12. An axe… how festive…I'm sure he had just been out cutting down christmas trees for the children. That would explain how a heavy, chopping tool found its way into a pub on Christmas Day. Yeah… ffs, who brings an AXE to the pub?!

    On unrelated topics, take care on New Years Tom, and remember that while most of the St John members you will be working with are labelled F I T, this is purely a coincidence and rather an ironic and possibly cruel joke. 😀

    This comment is purely the thoughts and views of myself and no other person, company or organisation. If you have been offended in any way, please rest assured that I don't care in the slightest.

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