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  1. So, my question is why are there lots of individual trusts all billing each other (with money that doesn't actually exist) for work that they do for each other? Why do some trusts lend other trusts in financial difficulties money (that doesnt exist)? Why not have.. A National Health Service.. A radical idea I know but it might save a bit of money

  2. Thumbs up!By the way, did you find those two CDs with all the patient information on them? I think your Darling lost them…/snigger/

  3. see this linkhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7106938.stm

    for the reality in the area I live. I'm luckily fit and well but have 3 ageing and infirm relatives who plausibly may need emergency care any day.

    Tom, out of interest, have you been required to provide treatment/care for patients in A&E whilst waiting for beds/nurses/doctors in your area?

  4. The government and NHS management are taking the piss out of the public – how can you go from deficit to surplus in one year without severe disruption to service – this is why one year cash planning is bollocks – you need to plan over a cycle and take peaks and troughs.

  5. Ha Ha ha.Our band 6 & 7 are having to apply for their own jobs.The night stafgf is being scrapped,everyone has to go on call.It's a disaster waiting to happen.

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