Tidying up

Just a post to dump some of the links that have been sitting in my Inbox (and were probably forgotten while I was hovering of death's door the week before last).

First up is from Trusted Places (recently the Times 'website of the week') – I've mentioned them here before, they are a website that lets you submit your own reviews of your favourite places. It's run by some really lovely people, and they are currently running a competition.

Just write a review and you have the chance to win a rather posh looking hamper.*

*Disclaimer – they are sending me a hamper, but for previous support, not for mentioning this link.

The Open Rights Group, of which I am a proud member, have just published their two year review – it shows what they have been up to for the past two years. They are good folks and fight on important battles. If you live in the UK and use the internet then you should be donating to them. I do, and I'm poor.

Unless of course you want to see corrupt e-voting and more corporations taking away your rights.

Seriously worth every donation.

There is a newish police blog up – and he has just posted about his experience with the LAS. I have similar feelings when I'm trying to sit on an aggressive patient and they screech round the corner. The comments are good as well.

All emails have been answered – if you were expecting an answer from me and haven't got it – I'd send that email again.

3 thoughts on “Tidying up”

  1. I was wondering where this influx of people bouncing from Area's blog had come from and from that specific post, mystery solved. I will shamelessly pimp his blog and recommend everyone read it too.

  2. Congratulations to “Randoms Act of Reality”(I'm sure that Trusted Places will get your blog name right eventually)

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