Off The Grid

No blogging for the next two days as I'm at the Virtual Worlds Forum pretending to be a journalist-blogger (don't ask…) Posts about this will be on Mental Kipple.

On Friday it's Mac Expo day, but I should have written something ambulance based before then. I'm thinking something based on a Levellers song…

VWF is rather interesting even though it is more directed towards business people, it's fun to look at what they consider important in a Virtual World as opposed to us mere consumer/creators.

The low level light in the main hall is massacring my eyes while I'm trying to take notes though.

On the subject of notes – I think that I've taken more notes in the first morning here than I did during my entire time in college.

Which may explain a lot.

Oh, and I've just done a bit for BBC radio's Pods and Blogs, Chris is a very nice chap and persuasive to boot.

Right – time for the afternoon session.

I wish they had beer here…

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