On My Way Home

It's 2am local time and I'm getting ready to leave the hotel at 3:30 to head to the airport. I haven't slept in the hope that I'll sleep on the plane. It's two flights totalling around 18 hours in the air. I'm 6'1″ and flying economy.

Flying is not fun for me.

Especially if they show that bloody 'Spiderman 3' film again.

I land (insert my usual disclaimers about becoming a smear across the Atlantic should the plane drop out of the sky) around 4pm on Thursday.

Then I shall scuttle, or more likely crawl, home and attempt to recuperate in time for returning to work on Monday.

If you want to contact me then Friday might be your best bet.

What is kind of strange is that before the holiday I divided my life up into things that had to be done 'before holiday' and things that could be safely delegated to 'after holiday' – and I'm kind of looking forward to getting my teeth into some of that 'after holiday' work.

7 thoughts on “On My Way Home”

  1. I'm kind of looking forward to getting my teeth into some of that 'after holiday' work.HUH? That has never happened to me. That has to be some kind of activity I've never even dreamed of.

  2. You can never have enough of Kirsten Dunst. You must have picked up some strange ailment while you were away….

  3. i recently flew to torronto with dirt-cheap airline air transat they had an option to pay 8 to book your seat, a bit of googling later an i'd managed to get a huge amount of legroom (more than buisness class) and a plenty of elbow room, it was one of the seats at the back of an airbus where it narrows slightly and loses a seat per row.230 return, best long haul flight ever..

  4. Personally I can't wait to get back to reading about drunks sticking fire extinguishers in their ears, but I do hope you've had a super holiday and have come back refreshed, because you're a bloody great bloke, deserve any and all good things that you can get, and you've often cheered me up no end during an otherwise dull day (regular commenters likewise, even if I don't always agree with y'all).

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