Ah, the joy of Windows computers. My desktop system has gone 'kerblam' and I find myself having to do a complete reinstall of the whole **expletive deleted** system. Which isn't as easy as you would think. Whatever happened to systems being sold with driver disks? It's not like I like to do anything 'fun' with my time off. Why, I haven't looked at my email or twitter alerts for at least two days.

But it's not all bad, I had a shift where everyone was really rather nice.

An elderly woman whose GP had called and decided that she needed hospital treatment. The family were lovely and completely understood why we were a couple of hours late for taking their mum into hospital. They were even nice enough to offer to carry our bags of medical equipment for us while we carried the patient downstairs.

Then there was the mother of a small child which had suffered a febrile fit. The mother was somewhat panicked but our showing up soon calmed her down, especially after we explained what had happened to her child. At the hospital she looked me in the eyes and thanked me, something that is unusual enough that it sticks in my memory.

Then there was the elderly man who was suffering severe back pain, especially when he tried to move. We arrived and the paramedic I was working with gave him some intravenous morphine to try and ease the pain a bit before we tried moving him. While she was doing this I was outside giving the patient's wife a hug as she was crying thinking that she was going to lose her husband. Thankfully the cause of the pain wasn't too serious and the man should make a full recovery.

Our other patients were similarly nice.

No lives saved that day, but everyone got the care they needed and thanked us at the end of it – so one of those days to mark up in the 'win' column.

8 thoughts on “Nice”

  1. Here's hoping your computer makes a full recovery, without contracting c diff or MRSA. Plenty of TLC to you and it!

  2. You get the impression that profit margins on PCs are so razor thin that simply the inclusion of a driver CD would push the manufacturer over the edge. Now when you buy a PC, you have to supply your OWN CD and burn it from a 'restore utility' !

  3. Hope your PC does not cause you too much stress!As for the patients, having those sort of days makes you remember why you do what it is you do. People do often say 'thank you' when we provide help or whatever to our patients, but its not always that they look at you when they are saying it, so its all good! No doubt you finished that shift feeling warm and fuzzy…….. before ripping your Pc to shreds! Jekyll and Hyde anyone???? LOL

  4. Hope your pc makes a full recovery, its a pain when these things go wrong, you don't quite realise how much you rely on them until they are not there, a bit like not normally used muscles when you pull them!Its nice to have a good day too, there are still plenty of people out there that appreciate the ambulance service, unfortunately there are not many of them in comparison but now and again you find a run of jobs where although you haven't really done much they really go out of their way to thank you.

  5. Oh yes, the catch-22 of needing to go online to download an ethernet adapter driver, without which it is impossible to go online that one got me a couple of weeks ago, when I finally gave up swearing at my (ancient, temperamental) PC and reinstalled the OS. And everything else *sigh* Fortunately we have big shiny Macs at work, and plenty of internets for everyone to play with, so it was only a short-term problem.

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