I’m feeling really disconnected – I shouldn’t do, I have a metric ton of computers in my flat, even a few old laptops…

But without my Macbook which I’d set up ‘just right’, along with all my emaail settings and the like I feel like I’m missing an arm.  I think that it’s because my desktop needs me to sacrifice a small animal before it’ll start up…

What I would like to know though is why it takes ‘7–10 days’ to fix a problem which I could fix in forty minutes if I had the parts.

This is why blogging has been slight of late, and why I’ve been pretty much unable to answer any emails.



There is superb news, both from my publisher.  Firstly my publisher Clare Christian won ‘Best Young Publisher’ and secondly I’ve sold the rights to my book to various people – which is fun.

Clare writes about the award here (where you can see my gap-toothed smile); and about the rights stuff here.


15 thoughts on “Catchup”

  1. i believe a w00t might be in order in regards to the rights stuff.the '7-10 days' jazz is all corporate bullshit designed to destroy the working classes mental health with exceptional delays!!!

  2. Congrats to you on the tv/radio us projects in hand…. it is an excellent antidote to the mac issues….Sage

  3. Congratulations Tom, on both pieces of news!Now if I could only wrangle a TV deal on MY book! 😉

  4. Yay!I think “7-10 days” is partly them covering their backs in case of cockup, and partly to make it seem a bit more special and difficult – implying “ooh, this might take a week or so to fix, and has to be sent to the Clever People at the Special Place” commands a bit more cash and respect than “our work experience lad can sort it out when he's done making the coffee”. Or something.

  5. to cover cockups and workload, may atime i said 2 day to repair and later that day 20 min of work and its fixed.remember the casulty filming post it the scene was in saturdays programme

  6. .

    “There are other rights to be exploited … including TV, film and radio and others such as merchandising.”

    So come on, where's my Tom Reynolds action figure? Comes with MacBook and defibrillator accessories, FRU car sold separately.

  7. Kind of what I said, only with more profanity.I doubt anything will come of the TV stuff, as it needs to be 'bought' by a TV company like the BBC or Channel 4. Radio thing looks pretty certain mind.

    Still can't believe it myself.

  8. Will that teddy bear come with all the accessories? such as the LAS fleece and green uniform, plus associated toys such as rucksack with first aid kit and all…. I can see it now on the best seller lists…..Sage

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