As promised, Joel Veitch has released an MP3 for the Tommy's Charity. Tommy’s exists to save babies’ lives because right now in the UK, one in four women loses a baby during pregnancy or birth. Go, buy, enjoy. There is also one of his trademark animations to go with it. It really is 'rather good'.

6 thoughts on “Kittens”

  1. Tom – run that by us one more time. 25% of pregnancies don't result in a nappy bound child ? Could you expand on this stat a little ? I'm guessing you're including miscarriage / stop and still born ?

  2. Have to say, as a pregnant woman, that statistic is pretty terrifying … would really appreciate an explanation of where it comes from …

  3. It's from Tommy's. I'm guessing that they are adding up all the miscarriages, including those at 8 weeks (the most common), the guestimate of those that are not noticed as miscarriages but as heavy, late periods as well as premature deaths and stillbirths.Once you make it past about 15 weeks the chances of a bad outcome drop a lot.

    (But I'm no expert)

  4. The hospital that my wife and I went to when she was pregnant gave us the same statistic of a 25% failure rate. Just like that, failure rate. that was just after they'd scanned her and pointed out that the foetus was not growing.Luckliy her second pregnancy went full term and we now have a gorgeous son.

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