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Mentalnurse tells us about the big headline in community psychiatric services.  I’d say that this post sums up the whole of the NHS…

First off Care coordinators have to look for services that say they will do the work that’s shown on a care plan, then you have to beg for the money to pay for the services, and then you have to monitor the services so that they do what they say they are doing. This last bit is really frustrating, because often they are not, but there are no other services available, so its a bit like being a toothless tiger – and if you want to know what that’s like, just imagine trying to suck an antelope to death.


6 thoughts on “Mental Services”

  1. Also too close to the bone (the skull, to be precise…). It's made worse by the fact that my mother has been at the forefront of trying to improve community mental health care from the inside, even winning an award from Tony Blair (woopydoo, I think her reaction was).The antelope reference raised a smile though – made me think of how Douglas Adams (mayherestinpeace) referred to the Hollywood filmmaking process – “Like cooking a steak by having people in succession breath once on it.” or words to that effect.

    In the end the only way I could even get recognition (short of playing The National GP Lottery) was to emigrate…..

  2. Too close to the bone for me at the moment. Although I don't even know how I got to the bone with no teeth, no claws, or anything else.

  3. I know if I ever get a severe head injury that leaves me totally dependent on NHS mental services, I would rather not survive. Like some nursing homes you've seen, there's a lot of badly run mental health homes. The ombudsman has no teeth and can only “recommend” changes.

  4. he'll be right, he's got BUPA.But yeah, I saw that book in tescos earlier this week and I swear I didn't believe it was real at first.

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