I was working on the Fast Response Unit so I was on my own and pretty much left to my own devices. I'd spent part of the night driving around looking for a job to do, but there wasn't much going on for us solo responders. I had a bit of a hunger on me that I thought a quick trip to Tescos would cure. The one advantage of working on the car is that you can sometimes get decent food.

So I had a drive down there, parked up and went shopping. Plenty of chocolate and other unhealthy foods (I said you *can* sometimes get decent food, but there is little point for me breaking the habit of a lifetime). I just managed to put my shopping bags of goodies in the car when the computer terminal rang.

“17 year old male, assaulted outside Tesco”.

Brilliant. The call wasn't the high priority calls that FRUs are supposed to be 'saved' for, but as I was already on the scene it would have been churlish to complain. It turned out that Control had seen me sitting there, realised that they were out of ambulances and so decided to keep me 'on scene'.

The patient was sitting inside. He had a brand new hole in his forehead made by some form of weaponry and the Tesco staff had been taking care of him. A motherly manager was fussing over him, which I thought was nice of her as he wasn't a happy bunny. He was otherwise unhurt and while the cut was pretty big it wasn't anything too serious and it had already stopped bleeding.

“So”, I asked him, “Who did this?”

“Don't want to talk about it”, he replied.

“OK then, did you see what weapon they had?”

“Said I don't want to talk about it”.

Great, another young man who wasn't interested in throwing out any information. My psychic powers were tingling – it was pretty obvious that he knew the people who had hit him, and he probably knew the reason *why* he had been attacked. I've mentioned it before but truly random attacks are pretty rare and while it is wrong, you can generally understand why most of the people we see get thumped. I looked at my watch, there was no way I'd be able to put up with this fool playing the 'silent gangster' role while waiting for an ambulance.

“OK, come one, I'm not supposed to but I'll take you to hospital in my car”.

“Thanks”, so while he was untalkative he was at least polite.

I let Control know what I was doing and, due to the lack of ambulances, they were quite happy I was bending the rules.

He sat quietly in my car while I ran him down to the hospital, my attempts at conversation were met with silence. While on one hand this is an easy patient to deal with, on the other it's nice to know what happened so as to better assess the injuries he received. He wasn't impressed that I was trying to talk to him. He wanted to go to hospital and get fixed and he wasn't interested in making my life any easier.

I asked him if he wanted the police involved and he refused, which is fine by me as it reduces the amount of paperwork that the police have to do. Unfortunately for him the police were there to meet him at the hospital, the Tesco staff had called the police on his behalf and had directed them to the hospital. I don't think that they got any additional information out of him.

Before I left him sulking in the waiting room I asked him one last thing, “When you find the people who hit you, don't go and beat them up. It only makes more work for me”.

His reply was a sullen grunt.

I love teenagers.

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  1. These sort of characters usually act that way because they've deserved the smack. Anyway, how did control see you sitting there? You're not monitored by satellite are you?

  2. Hmmmmm….. Had what seems like 4 nights like this, only difference being all mine had the “big attitude” with my crew mate and I, also oddly enough have started noticing that they all speak in tongues I struggle to understand “Innit” “man” (I was a female last time I had a chance to check!!!) “I feel no pain man” (So why call us out?) I have been reliably informed that along with the obligatory baseball cap and hoodie (both worn covering head at same time) this new fashionable language is called “Ghetto speak “MAN” and to my provincial ears with my eyes shut sounds like a cross between cockney and patoi, (all of the “Yoofs” we had contact with this weekend were approx 15 yrs old, male, caucasion and on holiday from the east midlands (Gun capital of the UK apparently!) and all of the little darlings (somebody loves 'em somewhere) had either taken a jolly good thrashing or been the one giving somebody else a smack! needless to say we've spent most of our shifts working along side our lovely boys and girls in blue, gawd bless 'em. Very happy bunny now…… up the wooden hill to bed…… night-night x

  3. you say that, the local Sainsburys here is where a 15-year-old grabbed and raped a little girl in the toilets.From now on it's M&S and Waitrose for me…

  4. are you ever tempted by sarcasm?”gosh, you're really impressing me. No, I mean really. The monosyllables, the making my life difficult, you must be like some mafia boss or something? Other people might think you're a scared little boy who's got a big front up and is going to go home to mum but no, I reckon you've got a big house filled with yo honeyz. Wow.”

    Or perhaps belittling?

    “oozy wizzy wazzy matter den? Did some big boys hurt oo? Aww.. poor ickle oo. Shall we put oo in da big AMBULANCE so the nice doctors and nurses can make all better? Put a big dangerous plaster on it? I think we should call mummikins and daddikins first and let them know what's happened to their precious pumpkin first though!”

  5. We generally confuse the “Ickle darlings” by using terms such as haematoma, haemmorhage and suturing, Spoken in “very correct English” of course, passing very serious looks between ourselves, saying “Oh dear-oh dear”, along with long wistful looks at the “medical emergency” (bump, bruise or graze)- I know- It's not big and it's not clever- but always respectful of the BWT punter ;0)

  6. Or…. 'You're extremely Diaphoretic. I'm going to start a large bore IV since I'm concerned you're dehyrdated'. That usually gets their attention. I've heard said – 'If you're sick enough to need an Ambulance, you're sick enough to need an IV'.

  7. most, if not all ambulance services track their buses/trucks/cars by satellite – its makes deployment easier “allegedly”.

    that's why it never the brightest idea to steal an ambulance vehicle

  8. God i know how boring being on a FRV (or RRVs as they care called here) can be. I'm lucky enough to be sat at home on standby. Whilst the world around me is going mad, all i seem to be doing is being stood down from amber calls! It's getting beyond a joke, i haven't got as far as turning a wheel since 9pm and it's now 2.30am! Still have all the blogs and comments to catch up on!As for the innit man thing…has anyone come across the teenage thing of sucking through the teeth to express disgust? I used to teach in inner city Bristol and a few of the kids used to do it then, but now everyone from certain areas of the city seem to do it, no matter their origin or ethnicity!

    Oh roll on a job to Barton Hill, i know let's play a game and see if you can work out what Barton Hill stands for and rhymes with…hours of fun!

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